Fady One started spinning records in 2004. Encouraged by a friend to play music at her parties, Fady felt comfortable behind the mixing desks straight away. However, it was not until three years later with the launch of her own club night 'Zukunft' that she took djing more seriously.

Since then several international artists have played at Zukunft already. Most of them little or not yet heard of in the world of electronic music. Still, most of them have become well know personalities in the scene (such as Max Cooper, Rone, Nhar, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Ost and Kjex, Lake People, Mollono.Bass, ...).

Besides working as a promoter and event host, Fady continues to play her music at the most sought after events and locations in her hometown Brussels.

Outside Belgium, she has been invited to various events in cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul, Singapore, Lausanne, Goa, Marseille, Montpellier...

In 2012, Fady took over one of Brussels's most notable events: 'Piknik Elektronik'. This concept is based on the idea of a day time electronic music event that is freely accessible and open to all age groups.

In August the same year, Fady published her first EP 'Add Âme' and on August 2013, Rennbahn Records released her second one 'Erlenmeyer'.

On a musical note, Fady One doesn't want to define her style. She plays what appeals to her and doesn't want to feel restricted by classifications. Listening to music, she says, is like listening to people. It is a very personal thing and you can hear how the music whispers to you, talks to you, shouts at you or even cries. She compares discovering a new piece of music to meeting a person: with some people you feel an immediate connection, others appear to be empty and a few may even fascinate or bewitch you.
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